On The Fifth Day of Christmas…


Day 5 – The Cactus Back Scratcher!

Need a stocking stuff for your husband, dad or brother?

The Cactus Scratcher is a personal back scratcher that lets you reach any itch without straining.

This product has two power grip ball handles with two-foot nylon straps for easy use, scratching, and relief. Also with two different levels of spikes, aggressive and moderate, you can choose a gentler scratch or a more aggressive, exfoliating approach.


Do you know someone who could use this product in their stocking this year?

You could win one here…

To enter this giveaway click the following link and follow the options for multiple entries:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

…And don’t forget, if you are just now finding The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, all promos are open until 12.13.16 @ 11:59pm so feel free to go back and get your name in the hat for some amazing products!


19 thoughts on “On The Fifth Day of Christmas…”

  1. I need this!! I itch constantly and my kids hate scratching for me. It got so bad once I rubbed my back against a shelf at the store and tore the whole display down

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  2. Myself and my fiance could use this! I was thinking of getting him a back scratcher for Christmas and this is definitely different than the traditional ones I’ve gotten in the past.

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