A Journey Through LIFE and MOTHERHOOD

The Heard

The Heard Museum in Phoenix is well worth the price of a ticket and a couple of hours of your time. Rich in Native American culture and arts, this museum has 10 exhibit galleries with a lot of history to take in.

having been an apparel merchandising and design major, I must say the clothing, shoes and jewelry were by far my favorite exhibits. My other favorite was the current exhibit that will be on site until January of 2018, Kay WalkingStick: Am American Artist. WalkingStick is one of today’s most accomplished American Indian artists.

The Heard has a wonderful hands-on experience for visitors to try their hand at weaving with beads on an oversize loom and creating wearable art to forming their own butterflies, Apache burden baskets and Yaqui paper flowers. I did give it a try, and concluded that I should not quit my day job!

Not only is the museum itself incredible, but The Heard Museum Shop was a nice surprise. The shop, having been under an extensive renovation in the last 5 years is HUGE, I may have spent as much time in the museum shop that I did in the actual museum. Multiple rooms of authentic Native American arts, crafts and jewelry for sale, I had to use some restraint and  remember that not everything I wanted would fit in my carry-on bag!

I highly recommend the Heard Museum… thanks for the recommendation Mrs. Jackie Sherwood!

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