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Are Single Parenting Classes a Thing?

So.... My husband has been out of town this week in Washington D.C... Now, usually I'm the one traveling for work so when he told me a few weeks back that he was going to be the one gone for 5 days, naturally my competitive self-started singing the song from Annie Get Your Gun "Anything you can… Continue reading Are Single Parenting Classes a Thing?

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#Giving Tuesday

  November 29th was the Global Day of Giving. Yes, after you've probably spent way too much money on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday (not me, unfortunately, I haven't started Christmas shopping yet) we now have the kick off of the charitable giving season known as #GivingTuesday. We decided to give to a non-profit association… Continue reading #Giving Tuesday

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Trees…Tinsel… and Three Kids

Yesterday we took our annual trip to the Wisconsin Tree Farm to pick out the O'Brien Family Christmas Tree... not to be confused with the Griswold Family Tree. Daniel and I are the perfect mix of picking a tree that has no business being in our modest size home. I always go for the tall ones… Continue reading Trees…Tinsel… and Three Kids

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FRIENDSgiving And A Two Year Old…

Today we are not only celebrating Thanksgiving Day but also a birthday! I can't believe our caboose is now two years old. This time two years ago I went to my routine checkup at the doctor's office. Only this time... I didn't get to leave! I'll never forget the words that came out of the… Continue reading FRIENDSgiving And A Two Year Old…

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“Mom…I’m Bored!”

It's been two days... 48 hours that my two older kids have been out of school, that's it! I can't even count how many times I've heard, "mom... I'm bored" over the last two days. When I was 8 and 10 I used to spend hours outside or down the street playing with my friends.… Continue reading “Mom…I’m Bored!”

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Hostage Negotiating

Can I get an Amen? Does anyone else ever feel like this? My really good sleeper (child #3) did not get her nap in yesterday and it was torture on all of us. We attempted to take her sleepy self to my older daughter's basketball game and it was like wrestling an alligator to get… Continue reading Hostage Negotiating


Things you never knew you had to say…

If you're a mom like me, I'm sure you can relate to this quote. It's always the things you never imagined you'd have to say to your kids that will zap your energy... "No, you cannot clean the new flat screen TV with milk!" "Wearing underwear isn’t optional. You must wear underwear." "When you shower… Continue reading Things you never knew you had to say…